A guide to New Zealand theme and leisure parks

Though it might be most famous for adventure sports, wildlife, wine and gorgeous landscape, New Zealand is also a country that loves theme parks. For both the young and young at heart, it is well worth taking a day out of your trip to enjoy one of these fun-filled attractions.paradise valley springs wildlife park
Rainbow's End
Located in Manukau, Auckland, Rainbow's End offers something for every member of the family, with entertainments of all types. From the famous Power Surge ride, which spins you 18 metres in the air to the Fear Fall 82km drop to the twisting roller coaster, there's plenty on offer for those looking for a quick rush of adrenaline. For those that want to kick back and enjoy a show, there's the Flaming Phoenix, who perform every weekend. Those with very young children can rely on the Kidz Kingdom area to keep them entertained.
Spookers Ltd.
Fancy something a little scarier in your theme parks? Then Spookers, in Karaka, will be the place for you. Deathly creatures, ghosts and ghouls roam the ‘Scream Park', which promises that ‘you are not safe until you manage to escape'. Enjoy being terrified in the Freaky Forest of Fear, the CornEvil, the Amazing Maze n Maize and Disturbia. Those with small kids should be warned that they will only admitted during the day. At night, Spookers is strictly 16 and over.
Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park
If you would prefer to see some wildlife on your day out, then the Rotura Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park is a must visit. Here you will find animals off all kinds, from the wallabies, deer and sheep you would expect from New Zealand to the rainbow and brown trout of the pools to the huge variety of rare and native birds, lions, possums and kea. Plus, you can drink water from the pure, native spring and walk through the lushness of the bush.
Butterfly Creek
Another hot spot for the animal lover is Butterfly Creek, Manukau. Here you will find giant saltwater crocodiles (the only ones in New Zealand), a butterfly house that is home to over 600 tropical varieties of butterfly, reptiles of every size and shape, cotton top tamarins and giant wetapunga. As the whole park is covered, you don't need to worry about the weather, so it is a round the year destination.
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