Arts events in New Zealand


New Zealand traditionally hosts some dazzling cultural festivals. Kiwis have a longstanding love of the arts, dating right back to the numerous colourful celebrations enacted by the indigenous inhabitants of the islands. Traditionally a melting point, New Zealand has a thriving arts scene, with both mainstream and avant-garde artists receiving audience and critical acclaim. There are studios and galleries throughout New Zealand and each region has its own unique perspective.
Arts eventsMatariki Festival
Over June and July, right across the nation, the Festival of Matariki will be celebrated. Matariki is the traditional Maori name for the stars more universally known as the Pleiades, a constellation that resembles a miniature version of The Plough. (Similar words are used right across Polynesia deriving from ancient definitions for minute or small).
Where are the Maoris are concerned, Matariki signifies the beginning of the new year, an event that has been marked for millennia. Celebrations take place right across New Zealand and have traditionally been used as a time to give thanks to the natural elements: the earth, the sea and the sky. What this translates as includes everything from eclectic music performances to exuberant dancing, astronomy sessions to colourful carnival parades.
Auckland Arts Festival
Normally in March Auckland hosts its by biannual arts festival. This popular event has traditionally drawn people from all over New Zealand, eager to witness and also participate in a stunning variety of artistic performances. Spectators can immerse themselves in dance routines, vibrant theatre, a whole array of music performances, and study stunning examples of the visual arts. Set over 19 days, the Auckland arts Festival is an extremely family friendly event, guaranteed to provide informative entertainment for everyone.
GEON Art Deco Festival
The GEON Art Deco Festival takes place in Hawkes Bay on the east side of North Island. The location's fantastically preserved art deco architecture makes for an ideal backdrop to the celebrations. Festival participants enjoy dressing up in 1920s fashion as they enjoy a wide variety of events. The exciting calendar of events include intrepid aerobatic displays, large dances, outdoor concerts (which are universally free), and one undoubted highlight, the Great Gatsby picnic. Another popular aspect of the article weekend is a display involving hundreds of vintage cars lining the streets of Napier. All this eye-catching spectacle makes for a highly entertaining and unique festival experience.

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