Best things to do in New Zealand


things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively smaller country that is easy to navigate. It has a lot of sites and attractions that are worth exploring. This country is known to be adventurous and famous for being the filming location of the Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit. There are many things to do in New Zealand. Explained below are the things to do once in New Zealand.

Have a Cruise Through Milford Sound
Milford Sound is New Zealand's most famous tourist destination. It is sometimes called the 8th Wonder of the World because of its beautiful scenery. On booking the Milford Sound Lodge, you can do many free things that will give you a memorable experience at Milford Sound. Wake up in the morning to the beautiful sounds of Bellbirds. The sound from these birds is better off than that annoying morning alarm clock. Get on to the morning cruise boats and watch how the early morning sun lights the Fjord at a foreshore view. Walkthrough Fiordland's pristine temperate rainforest and feel the gentle breeze of nature while looking for a rare and amazing wild game. As the night grows, gaze at and admire the many glow worms and their soft light in the Milford Sound serenity.
Go Bungy Jumping In Queenstown
Bungy jumping is a leading activity that is done in New Zealand by most people. There are various Bungy jumps to choose from. One of them is the Nevis Bungy which is situated 134 meters over the middle of a gorge. This Bungy is a 40-minutes drive from Queenstown on a steep and winding access road. On reaching this bungy jumping site, your guide will clip you into the tiny moving box as you head to the jumping platform. On arriving, the music booms loudly while you walk against the transparent floor exposing the valley below. Then, your guides prop you up on a see-through shelf. Sit on a bench while starring on what is below as the guides strap your legs in exciting humor. Now, the time has come to have you cross the line to the terrific zone where you are plopped into a barber's chair. Your legs are then strapped to the Bungy before letting you jump through the air. This Bungy jump is mainly for the adrenaline lovers as it makes one feel light and at the mercy of the ropes. The cost to jump is $260 (New Zealand dollars).
Whitewater Raft Grade 5 Rapids
With Rangitata Rafts (in photo), you will have an ultimate rafting experience. Conquer a portion of New Zealand's most exhilarating rapids. Rangitata Rafts lets you choose between Grade 2 to Grade 5 so that you navigate one of New Zealand's most wonderful rivers. The Grade 5 adventure will get your heart running. Begin your adventure on the calmer upper stretches of River Rangitata and have a moment to perfect your paddling skills as you warm up through the Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids before appearing at the mighty Grade 5 section of the Rangitata Gorge. Here you can choose between continuing to raft through the thunderous rapids, the tight gaps and rocky edges of the Gorge or you would rather walk around in admiration of the rapids from aside. After undergoing the Grade 5 rapids you can go for a surf and take a dip in the calmer sections of the river. To enjoy the Rangitata Rafts, pay $219, you must have a basic level of swimming, you should bring a towel and togs, you should be 13 years and above with a minimum weight of 40kg. You can only have 4.5 hours at the site. The company provides you with safety gear, paid for photography and barbeque.
Walk-Up The Baldwin Street
New Zealand has the world's steepest street which is called Baldwin Street. This street is located in Dunedin and is only a 350m walk. This street rises at 30 meters. You can briefly walk up Baldwin Street and feel its steepness.
In conclusion, New Zealand is a tourist destination with lots of things to do and have an unforgettable moment of a lifetime.


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