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According to a recent survey of new migrants to the country conducted by Immigration New Zealand, 75% of those polled had decided they wished to remain permanently. A further 90% stated that they would be prepared to recommend New Zealand to family and friends.
New Zealand lifestyle(1)
Of course there are many reasons why life in New Zealand is considered so idyllic. Firstly there is the whole career ethos. In New Zealand getting ahead in life is looked upon as a virtue. For those prepared to work hard the benefits are substantial, as New Zealand is prepared to offer a range of opportunities that will advance and enhance anyone's chosen career.
New Zealanders like to achieve a balance in life. Just as they are keen to give 100% in their chosen vocation, they are equally ready to enjoy their leisure time to the full. Both North and South Islands are relatively sparsely populated compared to many advanced countries in the world, with a wide choice of exciting and stimulating activities outdoors. This can include lounging around on uncrowded beaches hat seem to stretch for miles. lapped by the azure Pacific Ocean; to mountain biking along rugged tracks.
The geography of New Zealand lends itself to a host of pursuits. Because the two islands are relatively long and thin you are never more than around 100 km from the surrounding ocean. The beaches are sandy and the coastal seas and inland waters and lakes are all of excellent quality. The list of available activities is indeed extensive. The South Island especially boasts an abundance of water sport opportunities. These include boating, kayaking, wind-surfing and sailing.
New Zealand towns and cities have numerous activities with something to suit every taste. There are bustling shopping centres, theatres and cinemas, as well as comedy or music venues. This lively arts scene there is also amply complemented by an abundance of places to eat and drink.
It goes without saying that the lifestyles available in New Zealand are as varied as the people themselves. Because there is so much available space in this country, the first thing that visitors notice is that the urban centres are not the tightly-packed sprawl of dense housing and towering blocks that are familiar elsewhere. New Zealanders can choose from a diverse range of housing options. This can cover everything from an upbeat contemporary apartment situated in the beating heart of Wellington or Aukland, or the space of having a suburban backyard where the kids can roam to their heart's content.

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