NZ Facts that will blow your mind


Gisbourne airport in New Zealand

New Zealand is located on the continent of Oceania and Australia. The capital city of New Zealand is known as Wellington and its largest Urban area is called Auckland. The following are the facts about New Zealand that are exceptional.

The Rare Kea Parrot Breed Found In New Zealand
New Zealand is gifted with beautiful bird species such as the Kea. The Kea is a wild New Zealand parrot. This parrot is unique and the only true alpine parrot in the universe. The kea bird is so curious and is attracted to people that enter their territories in mountain huts and at the South Island ski-fields. Kea birds occupy over 4 million hectares along the axial ranges of the South Island, from Farewell spit to Waitutu and the Kaikoura Ranges. The Kea are monogamous birds that keep their mates for a long time. These birds are omnivorous that eat plant leaves and animal leaves for survival. The juvenile kea posses yellow ceres and eyelids which turn to grey as the kea mature. The kea juvenile stage is longer as compared to other parrots.
Women in New Zealand and their right to Vote
It was New Zealand that first granted women their right to vote. In 1893, New Zealand was the first self-governing country in the world that had women participate in parliamentary elections. This major milestone was attained as a result of the campaigns and efforts of Kate Sheppard who petitioned the Parliament to grant women their voting rights. Until today, women in New Zealand are actively involved in politics. Women politicians in New Zealand have simultaneously held the highest positions. In 2006, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Governor-General, the Queen and the Chief Justice were all women.
The Beginning Of Commercial Bungee Jumping
In 1989, an adventurous New Zealander A.J. Hackett began the first commercial bungee jumping site in Queenstown, New Zealand. Hackett earned good money from this project as people grew fond of this game. Today, over one million people have jumped on his worldwide bungee sites. In New Zealand, Queenstown is an adventurous world-class capital that has the Kawarau Bungy Centre that gives a true definition of the breathtaking bungee experience.
The Logo Of The Royal New Zealand Air Force
A flightless bird known as a Kiwi is the logo of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. This Force comprises over 2500 specialized professionals who protect New Zealand and quickly intervene in situations at home and overseas. This Air Force participates in New Zealand air shows and stages exercises in regional locations.
Nuclear Power Stations in New Zealand
New Zealand has no nuclear power stations despite being a first world country. New Zealand does not utilize electricity from nuclear energy due to its concern about global warming arising from carbon dioxide emissions from burnt fossil fuels. Instead, New Zealand focuses on hydro-electric power for its electricity.
An Airport With Train tracks Running Across the Middle Of The Runway (photo)
Gisbourne airport in New Zealand was established with train tracks running across the middle of its runway. This is a strange airport that is located on the Western outskirts of Gisbourne, the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. This airport is situated on 160 hectares of land and has three grass runways. It is the main runway that is crossed by the Palmerston North-Gisborne Railway Line. The rail route and the airport function actively between 6:30 AM and 8:30 PM. Afterward, the runway is sealed off till morning. Trains and aircraft are usually stopped until one of them moves forward because the railway tracks split the runway almost in the middle.
The Formation Of Lake Taupo
Lake Taupo was created by a supervolcanic eruption on the Taupo volcano that occurred over 26000 years ago. The dust from the eruption was so intense that it could be seen in present-day China. Taupo mountain is very large with many vents most of which are beneath Lake Taupo. Taupo mountain is not large because of its explosive eruptions that had some mountain components deposited far from the vent.
In conclusion, New Zealand has a variety of unique facts relating to its social, political, economic and environmental aspects.


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