The best night clubs in Auckland

New Zealand's most populous city sure loves to party and that's why there are no end to the options for the clubber in Auckland. Here are a few of our favourites and why we love auckland
Globe Bar
A backpacker hot spot, this is the bar most wide eyed travellers are sent to when they first arrive in Auckland and ask about a fun place to get drunk. As one would expect, it's raucous, wild and very, very good down-and-dirty fun, with theme nights, pool competitions and shows. Not only that, the tunes come courtesy of some of the best DJs in the city.
Lenin Bar
Do you like vodka? Then welcome to paradise: The Lenin Bar on Princes Wharf. Here you can drink from a dizzyingly varied menu of vodkas (and other drinks, if you're so inclined) and dance until dawn on the always-packed floor, all under the watchful eyes of Vladimir Lenin, whose portrait beams down from above the bar.
Code Bar
If you like to go deep underground on your nights out, then the Code Bar will be your Mecca in Auckland. Famous throughout the southern hemisphere for its pounding sound system, this is where the most committed clubbers go to get down.
For the more urbane drinker, sipping cocktails in the Goldfinch will likely be more to their taste. From the comfy couches and plush armchairs to the extensive menu of multi-coloured cocktails, this is a bar very much focussed on the customer that likes the finer things in life. As the hours get late, however, it turns into a pretty hot and heavy night spot, with many of the city's best DJs laying down beats for the lively dance floor.
The Carpark
There are times you want to party hard and there are times you just want to have a chat, a beer and a few laughs with your mates. The Carpark is very much for the latter of those occasions: an ultra casual, unpretentious environment, it prides itself on making the customers feel as if they are sitting together in a friend's front lounge.
Cowboys Bar
Barmen dressed as cowboys, barmaids dressed like Dolly Parton, retro hits pounding out of the speakers and Amercana plastered all over the walls with the worst/ best bad taste money can buy. The Cowboy Bar is one of the most fun theme bars you will find anywhere in the world and a great choice for a fun-filled, no-frills night on the tiles.
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