The highlights of NZ Fringe Festival


One of the most fun-filled cultural events on New Zealand's calendar is the Fringe Festival that will be taking place between  10 February – 4 March 2017, all across Wellington. An open access festival of art, music, comedy, cabaret and everything in between, it serves as a reminder as to why Wellington is considered the ‘Capital of Cool' by locals and visitors alike.fringe festival
The Fringe Festival itself has now been running for over two decades, and has emerged as one of the most envied and enjoyed fringe festivals anywhere in the world. What makes this event different to the numerous other such events that take place around the planet, is that the New Zealand Fringe has never lost touch with its roots. It is still a great place to find out-there art, up and coming talent and truly cutting edge performances. This makes it one of the most important factors in keeping Wellington the hive of innovation and creativity that it is today.
Amongst the famous acts and performers that have emerged from the Fringe are the Flight of the Conchords, the Lonesome Buckwhips and Strike Percussion. If you want to see this year's big performers, then make sure you are in Wellington by February 10th.
Listing all the highlights is simply not possible in such a short space. There are simply too many to name. Fringe is about grass-roots arts and culture and about emerging, developing talent, and for 25 years the New Zealand Fringe Festival has been providing a stage for cutting-edge creative endeavors, delivering on our legacy of being a catalyst for new and original homegrown arts and entertainment.
Fringe is recognised as a unique launch pad for the arts in New Zealand, and from Flight of the Conchords to Fuse Circus, Jo Randerson to Eli Kent, and Strike Percussion to Footnote Dance, the Fringe has played a significant role in helping emerging artists to achieve bigger and brighter things, both within New Zealand and on the international stage.
Artist registrations for Fringe 2017 have closed, but check the NZ Fringe facebook page back regularly as more information about Fringe Festival 2017 is COMING SOON.
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