Things to see on the North Island

Te Ika-a-Maui, colloquially known as the North Island of New Zealand, is the world's 14th largest island, with twelve main urban areas and 77% of the country's population. As you could imagine, there's plenty to see and do for the visitor to the North Island. Here is our list of what is out there for the curious traveller.wellington new zealand
The biggest and most populous city of New Zealand, you simply have to visit Auckland if you are in the country. There is simply no end to what you can do inside this sun-soaked, easy going metropolis, from paragliding and hang gliding to snorkelling and diving, from winery tours to haute courture shops – Auckland has it all and much, much more.
Wellington is the cultural capital of the country, home to the film industry that birthed Peter Jackson and the Te Papa museum, which offer interactive stories on the country's fascinating history. Enjoy the nightlife? Then this is the place for you: Wellington boasts more bars and restaurants per capita than New York City.
Pacific Coast Highway
This 1000km stretch of road cuts through an extraordinary landscape of beauty, history and culture. From Auckland to the Coromandel Peninsula, to the gorgeous beaches to the Bay of Plenty, the Tauranga and the Whakatane, Hawke's Bay and the East Cape – there is simply no end of sites to see on one of the world's greatest road trips.
West Coast Surf
New Zealand is a great spot for surfers and many of its best surf spots are on the west coast of the North Island. Those chasing the big waves should head to Raglan, which boasts one of the longest left hand breaks in the world, or Taranaki's surf highway.
Waitomo Caves
An essential day-out for anybody who visits New Zealand, the Waitomo Caves are home to thousands and thousands of glow-worms who light up the inside in a manner that is hypnotic, beautiful and surreal.
Do you have an adventurous spirit? Then Taupo is the place for you. Here you can skydive, bungy, jetboat and white water raft, or merely relax on largest lake in New Zealand. It's paradise for the extreme sports enthusiast and the nature lover alike.
Twin Coast Discovery Highway
Travelling north from Auckland, this huge highway takes you through memorable white sand beaches, lovely little coastal towns and some of the best wildlife in the country.
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