Wellington: A film buff paradise


As the home of the booming Kiwi film and televisions industries, it is no surprise to learn that there is plenty to see and do in Wellington for the big time film fan. As well as being the shooting location for many of the biggest cinema hits of the last twenty years, it also offers a host of great cinemas. Here are our top locations for the film buff in the capital.The Weta Cave New Zealand
Take a film tour
If you are new to the city and looking to learn about its cinematic history, then a tour is a good place to start. Guided tours from companies such as Flat Earth, Wellington Rover Tours and Wellington Movie Tours will show you some incredible sites from historical Kiwi movies, as well as giving you the background to the most important moments in the local film scene's development.
The Weta Cave
The famous digital effects company that was founded by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and James Selkirk more than twenty years ago has been responsible for many of the most memorable and fantastic monsters and moments from the recent cinema history. If you love film, particularly fantasy film, then a visit to their ‘Cave' is essential.
Not only do you get to check out props and models from films such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong, you also get a real insight into how the company works and how it became such a rip roaring success. That makes it a great tour both for the casual film fan and the ambitious film maker looking for tips on how to make it big.
The Roxy Cinema
One of the capital's most famous cinemas, if not the most famous, The Roxy is one of the best places in the country to take in a flick. Recently revamped after a group of local film makers, including the Weta team, banded together to save the historic picture house from ruin, it is a glorious art deco building that oozes local history and colour. It's also a great place to hang out after your movie has finished, with the famous CoCo bar and restaurant and its sumptuous menu of cocktails and comfort food.

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